Espressioni Solera

Teroldego, Marzemino, Cabernet

The barrel ageing of the Marzadro is part of a continuous effort to enhance the results achieved by careful distillation. Espressioni by Andrea Marzadro contains the best results achieved in the ageing room for the year, thus demonstrating the company's willingness to get involved in increasingly diverse and high quality practices. Espressioni Solera is made by distilling individual Teroldego, Marzemino and Cabernet varietals in a Bagnomaria, which are then skilfully blended before ageing.

Bouquet: strong, rich
Structure: dry, rounded

Alcohol (% Vol.): 42
Ageing process: 5 years with "Solera" method in 225 to 500 litre oak barrels
Limited edition
Capacity (cl.): 70 • 35